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At Rover Make Over in Schnecksville, you’ll find that dogs get well taken care of by our staff. All our staff have graduated from grooming school and are more than capable of showering your precious pooches with love and attention, while getting them groomed.  

Choose from our grooming options and services:

We also offer:

  • Flea/tick baths

  • Medicated/organic baths

  • Coat/skin specialist

  • Brushing/dematting

  • Shed-less treatments

  • Breed specific haircuts

  • Hand stripping

  • Hand scissoring and Finishing

  • Traditional show cuts

  • Stylist cuts


Call: 484-244-2720

We Give Your Pet Individualized and Personal Attention

We maintain a very clean facility and are known through Lehigh County for our ability to manage dogs of any size, breed and age.

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  • Furminator de-shedding treatment

  • Experts at reducing shedding

  • Anal glands and ears cleaned

  • Canine dental hygiene

  • Fluff dry

  • Hand plucking

  • Medicated skin treatments

  • Tick inspections/baths

  • Organic shampoos and conditioners